Equitable Members Action Group


Since 2001, the Equitable Members Action Group (EMAG) has been campaigning for compensation for the victims of the Equitable Life scandal. Despite more than a decade of engagement and commitments from all major political parties and some initial successes, Equitable Life victims are still waiting for the rest of their compensation.

To help maintain pressure on the Government and keep this issue high on the political agenda, Newington was tasked with developing an ad hoc website to function as the main port of call for victims of Equitable Life, their families and campaign supporters.


Given the target audience, the website design was kept simple and easy to use to ensure all members of the public (including those who are less adept at using a computer) would be able to use it to write to their MP.

Developed in conjunction with EMAG, the website embedded a tool that would calculate the amount people were still owed by the Government and automatically create a template letter with that information which would then be sent to their constituency MP.

The MP would be identified using the user’s postcode without the user having to look for the correct MP manually.

Once sent, a receipt with the full letter would be sent electronically to the user for their records.

To help raise awareness of the website and of the issue, videos with real Equitable Life victims have also been recorded, added to the website and shared on social media.


Within the first two weeks of launching the website, over 1,000 people sent letters via the website, reaching 441 MPs.

To access the website, please follow the link below:

Website: http://emag.today