Gaining reassurance that business critical operations would not be impacted by new EU legislation

It was unclear whether EU legislative changes would have a business critical impact on e-POWER. Newington conducted an engagement strategy across Westminster and Brussels to clarify the legislation’s scope and gain vital assurances about the reach of new reporting requirements.


e-POWER approached Newington for immediate support as it seemed that new EU legislation - MiFID II - posed a risk to its commercial activities.


Newington designed and implemented an intensive three month campaign strategy, which secured vital reassurances from the European authorities that e-POWER’s activities would not be covered by MiFID II. The campaign saw effective engagement and good relationships built with both UK and EU officials, with meetings organised in a short time frame with UKREP, DG FISMA and the FCA.


Following a series of rapid message development workshops, liaison with e-POWER’s legal team and a series of stakeholder meetings, officials acknowledged that the scope of the legislation was insufficiently clear and gave e-POWER assurances that their online trading platform would not be in scope.

  • Relationships were built with UK and EU officials with meetings held with UKREP, DG FISMA and the FCA
  • Reassurances were received that e-POWER’s activities were not in the scope of the legislation.