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21 July 2020

Is circularity the model for post-COVID success?

with Andrew Morlet, CEO, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

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4 June 2020

How is COVID-19 changing the road to the next US Presidential Election?

with Kris Balderston, President of Balderston Associates and National Political Director of US polling firm, Change Research

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28 May 2020

Influencing Government from the backbenches

with Ian Liddell-Grainger MP and Chris White, former Whip’s Office SPAD

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19 May 2020

Is COVID-19 changing political broadcast news?

with Amber de Botton, ITV News

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13 May 2020

in conversation with Pat McFadden MP, Shadow Treasury Minister

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7 May 2020

Language is insight: Language is insight: Using language comparison analysis to transform the way your business communicates

with Ben Hookway, CEO, Relative Insight

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30 April 2020

Britain under Covid-19 and how it might change

with Ben Page, CEO, Ipsos Mori

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23 April 2020

Sky News during COVID-19: top tips for content, podcasting and the art of online interviews

with Jess Howe, Interviews Editor, Sky News

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16 April 2020

Guido: from Firestarter to Political Powerhouse

with Paul Staines, Founder and Editor, Guido Fawkes website

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